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When buying and selling goods, the particular equivalent is crucial.

• We will assist you identifying legal actions in order to minimize a possible loss during payment difficulties after contract conclusion and before contract settlement.

• If you notice that the debtor is not fulfilling the contractual obligations, you will need to engage a lawyer in a foreign country to take legal steps.

• We will carry out the risk assessment in your litigation and initiate the necessary and effective legal measures. It is for us no challenge if you and your counterpart are not domiciled in the same country. Under certain conditions your sentence will need a validation and execution procedure in a foreign country.

• We investigate the liquidity of the debtor and inform you of the steps of a foreclosure. We are concerned to take only the quickest measures to satisfy your claim.

Establishing a company requires some estimates out of economic, fiscal and legal perspectives. Often company founders, shareholders and business partners are remarking that the statutory legal basis, the company’s activities and the needs of the company are not consistent anymore and no longer adequate. And this can lead to inevitably loss of precious time.

• In this regard, we will help you to find the appropriate legal form of your company. With the design of special statutes for you, we will help to establish a company to meet your needs.

Mergers and acquisitions is a collective term in commercial law, which means the merger of companies and the changing hands of the owners and part-proprietors.

• We help you in all stages of the mergers and acquisitions process, covering due-diligence, confidentiality agreements and letters of intent.

Especially in difficult and turbulent times, one should not lose the general legal overview.

• We will advise you in accordance with national, international and EU rules to prevent money laundering, legal issues in the structuring and management of your assets as well as in matters of financial markets.

• We produce business plans that rely on credible foundations.

• We monitor your investment strategy, asset manager and we take measures against acts of excessive business conduct.

Although economic crime forms part of the criminal law, there is no definition in the penal code as such. This term includes amongst others: bribery, tax offenses, embezzlement, bankruptcy fraud and copyright infringement.

• We assist and monitor suspicious and not trustworthy business activities.

• We inform victims of economic crimes how to recover their losses respectively how to reduce it to a minimum.

• We examine the compliance of your new business idea with civil and criminal law and help you start your new business idea in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction.

Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. In a stone-cold sober view this definition does not embrace the misfortune of spouses and children. Before, during and after a divorce proceeding, we take your feelings seriously and assist you to deal with it. We constantly provide you with the solution which fits best in an objective and financial perspective.

No other area of the law is determined by regulations provisions of the European Communities, as travel, transportation and aviation law. Regulations and directives of the European Union are so effective that even non-member countries are obliged to apply these.

This area of the law is suspect to continuous change. We take care of the needs and concerns of tour operators, airlines and travel agencies.

• Should your customer not be satisfied of his flight or hotel arrangement, we help you to find the direct intervention.

• We orient you about possible compensations rates and conditions under which you can claim rights against your business partner.

• We contact competent authorities to take action against unfavorable decisions of the civil aviation authorities.

The rapid change from diminishing fossil energy sources to renewable alternative energies causes legal loopholes which results in litigations. Consequently this loopholes damages industry and consumers equally.

Tender procedures, production, transportation and consumption of energy are subject to different legal bases as well as to those provisions of the industry, which operates their own energy sources.

• We give you advice and legal support on this issue.

The evolving global economies and markets have caused new dimensions of the inexorable law of liabilities since the link and combination with modern information technologies. New needs have led to new laws and the developments of new legislations. However, it requires observation of the fast-changing jurisdiction.

• Especially in the field of Internet and online banking expert based bank fraud investigations are initiated, in which we are concerned to bring these investigations to a swift conclusion.